Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Difference between Zion and Yosemite

According to Julian my almost 9 year old nephew, is that Zion has it on the cliffs while Yosemite takes it on the waterfalls.
Our trip to Zion national park was awesome. We started with Uvaggio’s Rose, , by far my favorite Lodi winery. We continued with the crisp and delightful Y3 Sauvignon Blanc by Jax Vineyards .Qupe’s Syrah was disappointing.
We swung back with the always wonderful Navarro Pinot Noir which we shared over Friday night dinner and Challah shaped by the kids and baked in our friends’ RV.

My favorite part of the trip was our hike to Angel’s Landing. My sister and I set out early in the morning (well…7:30am is early for some people), took the park shuttle and without much expectation beyond a few hours of just us out having fun, started the trail that would later turn into the best, most thrilling hike we have ever done.

A couple little culinary related notes: My sister got these amazing Jonagold apples at Costco. They were perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, were big, crisp and insanely juicy. Another Costco super find was Mrs. May’s dry roasted snacks we had the Cran-Blueberry crunch and could not get enough of it.
Between her shopping skills and her willingness to get up at 7 to hike with me, my sister takes the cake, or most likely PB and Jelly bars: I adopted this recipe years ago and it’s always a hit. I love it with apricot jam, with my home made Meyer lemon marmalade, or with raspberry jam.

Next month it’s Yosemite and King’s canyon. Can’t wait.


12crayons said...

Wow, I feel like a superstar (with bad hair though). I had a little senior moment while reading when I reached "Uvaggio’s" - "Uvaggio!? who is that, where is that, what do you mean we started with it, where was I?. obviously I calmed down as I kept reading. thank you and also for Robert's previous posting about passover. I hope we can handle the amount of exposure we have been subject to.

Miss oz said...

Kush.This is great entertainment for Sat morning!
I loved the comment by your sis(?)
Defenatly planning to contribute to Jill's cause.Yom Katom.