Saturday, November 7, 2009

Titas Pupuseria

I LOVE visiting my sister and the boys in Southern Cal. Last visit we spent two days on the beach, a day at the water park, a day in the pool and my sister MADE me a stunning bracelet with Jade and Ruby beads. I’m so lucky.
Sometimes we fly but this time we drove. Robert and I have driven on I- 5 many times, we like being in the car together, listening to audio books and playing “guess the produce“ in both the fields and big-rigs.
When it comes to food the 5 is a fast food lover’s dream, something we don’t relate to. But there is one spot I’ve always wanted to stop at: “Taste of India” at Buttonwillow exit # 257. Every time we pass by we are either not hungry anymore or not hungry yet but this time I insisted we stop on the way back and we did.
It was closed.
So we turned back and went to the taco truck we saw when we exited. It was awesome.
The tongue taco was perfectly cooked and seasoned, so was the Pastor.
Robert’s meat and cheese Pupusa was much better then my squash and cheese, but if you are vegetarian out there on I-5, the Calabasa Pupusa is your best bet by far. The pupusas came with the traditional “slaw”, all other toppings were self serve in a refrigerated well behind a sliding plastic guard on the truck. The tomatillo salsa and fried whole young JalapeƱos were outstanding.

We live and work in east Oakland, we KNOW our taco trucks, and I’m pretty sure that if you took Titas Pupuseria and planted it on International Blvd. it would still kick ass.