Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Neon Bar

We just had a chance to use this again as a bar. We have used it for both food and beverage, and I can't get over how cool it is. The food that we were serving was as follows:

Mussel shooters
Refreshing slightly spice Gazpacho with plump mussels
Served in shot glasses

Vegetarian Gazpacho shooters

House made Taro chips
Dusted with smoked paprika and salt;
Served in paper cones

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crayfish funtime

Just a couple of crayfish funtime photos...

Did they really eat that much?

They told us they would eat a lot for 96 people, and we took it to heart, but I am still surprised by this one. First, here's the menu...

Wedding Rehearsal dinner

Friday, September 5th 2008

Ipswich clam boil bar

Ipswich clams boiled at the buffet in a well seasoned broth, then dipped in clarified butter

Clarified butter, lemon wedges and Chinese chili oil

Seafood bake buffet

Served in seaweed covered wide big metal buckets

Layers of potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, onions, Cod, Mussels, Crayfish

Lobster tails and claws

Clarified butter, lemon wedges and Chinese chili oil

Assortment of bay area artisan breads

Walk away Caesar

Hearts of romaine, garlic crouton, shaved parmesan and Caesar dip

Soup station

Self served in clear coffee mugs

Prawn and pineapple soup

In a light lemongrass fish broth with Baha and scallions

Whole pig roast

Head on pig roasted in the La Caha China and carved at the buffet

Chinese hot mustard

Dessert buffet

Mini Chocolate- Pecan- Caramel bars

Mini Pluat Almond Tarts

Glazed with Apricot Jam

White Chocolate Panna cotta

Topped with Huckleberry Compote

Now, to the volume of food:
40# clams
15# mussels
15# cod
20# crayfish
40# lobster
5# shrimp
67# whole pig
2 cases hearts of Romaine
75# vegetables for boil
8 loaves of bread + 144 sweet rolls
4 gallons soup
500 servings of dessert

We didn't run out of food, but it got close. I am still in amazement. What is that, maybe 3# of food per person? Great job eaters.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I can't even cut my finger off correctly

So, for the first post of Savoy Events Tidbits, I want to share a bit about my middle finger. Don't worry, this is a family friendly bird finger posting.

In Mica and my attempt to be environmentally friendly, we run a full compost and recycling kitchen. Normally this all goes well, even with the stinky food fun in the summer (maggots in the dumpster, check), sorting garbage when it comes back from jobs all mixed together with recycling and food waste, a bit higher monthly bill with Waste Management, and three waste cans instead of one. All in all, it gives a warm fuzzy feeling.

Now, rewind to yesterday. In my garbage diligence, I saw a piece of plastic in the compost can. I, with no hesitation, reach in to remove the non-biodegradable offense, and on the way out of the can, find a piece of broken glass...with my middle finger. At first I think, no problem, a band-aid will fix this just fine. Then I see the spurting blood of a cut artery. Then I see severed tendon. Then I think, Hooray Garbage!

Mica was nice enough to show up a few minutes after I butchered the hand, and agreed that a hospital visit was in order. Before we could go, we had to butterfly a pig (yes Tien and David, we we're thinking of you with my left hand wrapped, holding a piggy with my right while Mica worked the hammer and chisel).

A few hours later with a tied off artery, a stitched tendon, a sewn finger, and as a parting gift a pair of unisex one size fits all disposable underwear, I am back at it.

Hooray Garbage.