Saturday, April 25, 2009

What does the goy do for passover?

Well, he makes matzo (or matzoh, matzah, matze, matza, matsah, come on, make up your mind by now).

This project started with the wife's emailed list of job duties for the ladies who would be in attendance at the passover feast, and me, the only gentile of the bunch. Specifically, she wrote this:

"Robert- you need to brush up on your Matzo skills and get a wok ready so we can bake outside. You're also going to need to help me get all the stuff in the car..."

Robert's reply is "I will refer back to my youth as a christian preachers son, raised in rural central Oregon on meat, potatoes, guns and Jesus, and will try to remember what that taught me about making Matzo."

Mica wanted me to cook the crackers in a manner that I have in the past on camping trips by flopping the dough on an inverted wok with a fire underneath. I opted for a cast-iron flattop on a blazing hot weber bbq. For the dough, I used a mixture of all purpose unbleached white and whole wheat flours, a bit of olive oil, water to make a nice stretchable cracker dough (I always go for wetter doughs), and salt to taste. As we were at the sis-in-laws, cooking tools were a bit limited, so the dough was mixed by hand. Sorry for the lack of exact measurements, this was a first for me, and I was just making it up as I went.

Now, for photos
1st, the mis en place with Julian.

2nd, preliminary shaping of dough.

3rd, rolling the dough super thin.

4th, docking the dough, this one has zatar on it.

5th, almost done, this is with onions, you can see a few that fell off.

6th, a bit of the finished product.

It turned out great, everyone was happy, no one got hurt, and I will not be making gefilte fish next year.